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The Omakase Kitchen and 425 Omakase is a joint venture by husband and wife chef duo Ronak Nanda and Jahan Bloch. ‘Omakase’ is a Japanese term for entrusting the Chef with what they wish to serve. At Omakase they wish to serve food that not only tastes great, but also features their unique skills and techniques that highlight their creativity.

For Chef Ronak, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, food is not only his passion, but forms the basis of his very existence. According to him, cooking and serving people is the most noble job. Chef Jahan, a self taught baker turned pastry chef, believes that when food marries creativity, the experience is simply divine.

They come together to form their two brands, where in The Omakase Kitchen they serve artisanal Japanese and Korean food in Bandra, Mumbai. In 425 Omakase they curate a course by course meal with great food and a memorable experience. The ever changing menus in both the brands is specially designed using the best quality products, keeping in mind the freshness and seasonality of the produce. They have taken inspiration from cuisines from all around the world, and ever evolving techniques.